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Wading Kits

There are lots of wading kits on the market, but what makes Triple 4 Engineering wading kits the best? Quite simply we use the very best of everything in our wading kits. You won’t find any cheap plastic unions or rock hard plastic hose in a Triple 4 kit.

We use the finest quality nylon hose on the market, it’s ultra flexible with superior abrasion resistance and all our unions are brass or nickel plated brass with stainless steel internals. 

Our Overland range of kits are designed for, as the name suggests, overlanding and green laning. Triple 4 Overland kits use 6mm breather hose, with the choice of a technopolymer manifold or a billet aluminium manifold.

Our Extreme Challenge kits are designed for heavy off road and competition use, or for Overlanders who want the very best. Triple 4 Extreme Challenge kits use 8mm breather hose with a billet aluminium manifold. All our kits are available in Orange or Black.

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