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A guide to Triple 4 Wading Kits

What makes Triple 4 Wading Kits stand out from the crowd?

There are lots of wading kits on the market, but what makes Triple 4 Engineering wading kits the best?

Our background is in vehicle preparation, everything from overland vehicles to race cars. We have fitted all the leading brands of wading kit, and to be fair, we were always disappointed. After all, these are supposed to be the leading and most well respected 4x4 companies in our industry. The quality of the components used was lacking somewhat and the prices were, and still are silly money for the quality of these components supplied in the wading kits. It was glaring obvious that things could be seriously improved, so that’s what we did. And so Triple 4 Wading Kits were born. We sourced the best parts available and built a series of different kits around these high quality components. Making Triple 4 Wading Kits far superior to anything else on the market.

And what do you pay for having the best? They’ll be mega bucks, won’t they? No not really. You’ll pay slightly more than the lesser kits that are out there on the market already.

We’ll start off with a run down of the components used in our wading kits. I think it’s important to mention at this stage, that all the components used in our kits are the same high quality, whether it be our entry level “Easy Fit” kits to our top of the range Extreme Challenge Kits. There is no compromise in quality.

The hose you’ll find in a lot of kits is cheap nylon, it is rock hard and very inflexible and easily kinked. The hose found in Triple 4 kits is the finest quality nylon hose on the market. Triple 4 hose is ultra flexible and highly abrasion resistant.

Triple 4 connectors, “Y” pieces and technopolymer manifolds are made from a premium grade technopolymer and the hose locking mechanisms are nickel plated brass and stainless steel. What you find in lesser kits are cheap brittle plastic components with plastic and steel locking mechanisms. The cheap plastic components are easily damaged in an off road environment, compromising the integrity of the seal, and the steel locking mechanism can corrode internally and won’t release the hose when the time comes for any maintenance.

All Triple 4 breather unions are brass or nickel plated brass and like our connectors, have a nickel plated brass and stainless steel locking mechanism. Other kits use plastic unions, which have all the same issues listed above. 

Triple 4 90° breather unions are also swivel unions, which allows you to position the union in any direction. Other kits use fixed unions which point where the union just happened to tighten up. The internal diameter of the breather unions is also way bigger than the tiny pin hole of the standard factory fit banjo unions. Triple 4 unions are much less likely to get clogged up, which is a major issue with the factory banjo unions.

Overland LX & Extreme Challenge Kits use a billet alloy manifold. These alloy manifolds are superb quality. The advantage of an alloy manifold is that they are very adaptable. The unions are interchangeable offering lots of scope and interchangeability. Again, the unions used in our billet manifolds are premium nickel plated brass unions with nickel plated brass with stainless steel hose locking mechanisms. 

Another thing I always found lacking with other kits is the small number of cable ties and other fixings supplied to supposedly complete the job. I always ended up having to supplement them from my stock. Not a major issue for a dedicated vehicle workshop, but this could be a major inconvenience for the D.I.Y. man at home. All Triple 4 kits come with more than enough cable ties and fixings to complete the job.

Our 200 / 300TDi kits also come with a breather plate for the timing case. This has not escaped the Triple 4 treatment. The Triple 4 breather is made from 5mm alloy (powder coated in either black or orange) and comes complete with gasket (which you don’t find in other kits) and stainless steel fixings. Cheaper kits use a heavy steel plate, or a thin steel plate which is only thick enough for a couple of threads to screw the breather union into, not quite enough to guarantee a perfect seal

The Range

All our kits provide extended breather hoses for the gearbox, transfer box and both axles. Our 200 & 300TDi kits also come with a breather for the timing case. All kits come with 14 metres of hose for the main breathers, (this is more than other kit out there) and more than enough to do a Defender 130. Also included is 3 metres of hose to run from the manifold and up the side of the snorkel / raised air intake. All kits include necessary fixings and cable ties. 

Triple 4 Overland Wading Kits

Our Overland Kits are designed for overlanding and green laning. Our Overland range use 6mm hose, the same as the factory Land Rover breathers.  These is available with black or orange hose. 

“Easy Fit” Overland Wading Kits

Our entry level kit is the “Easy Fit” Overland kit. This range allows you to extend the existing factory gearbox and transfer box breathers using connectors, making them “easy fit”. Easy Fit kits come with a technopolymer manifold and 2 axle breather unions (for Discovery 2 & Defender TD5 Puma models, you have the option of using the existing factory axle breather ferrules or tapping the axle casing to take our Triple 4 unions). 

Overland Wading Kits

Overland Kits, this comes with breather unions for the gearbox and transfer box and a technopolymer manifold, 2 axle breather unions (for Discovery 2 & Defender TD5 Puma models, you have the option of using the existing factory axle breather ferrules or tapping the axle casing to take our Triple 4 unions). 

Overland LX Wading Kits

This range is the same as our Overland Wading Kits but comes with a billet alloy manifold.

Triple 4 Extreme Challenge Wading Kits. 

Our Extreme Challenge kits are the top of our range. These kits are designed for heavy off road and competition use, or for people who just want the very best.  This range uses 8mm hose, which allows for more airflow than the 6mm hose used in our Overland Kits. This range uses our billet alloy manifold.

Optional Extras

Fuel Tank Breather

Fuel tank breathers are often overlooked when extending the breathers on a 4-wheel drive. We do 2 types of fuel tank breather kits. We do a standalone breather which basically extends the breather by 1 Metre, or we do a kit to integrate in to both our Overland and Extreme wading kits. These kits come with 5 metres of hose to allow you to run the extended breather up to our manifold.

Maluform Tube snorkel / raised air intake upgrade.

Also available as an option is a our maluform tube upgrade for the snorkel hose. This rubber coated alloy tube replaces the nylon hose supplied in our kits. Once bent, this hose retains its shape and gives a high end finish to your wading kit installation. 

Want to know more?

If you need any more information, we are never too busy to help. Our contact number is 07510 978470. The phone is usually the quickest and easiest way to answer any of your questions.